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Version History

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Fixed Fixed New Added Changed/Improved Improved/Changed Information Information

Gene6 FTP Server v3.10.0.2 - 22/Oct/2007

Changed/Improved libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll : Updated OpenSSL dll to 0.9.8g.

New Admin : Option to export user and group list to text file.
New Admin : Transfer log now supports utf8.
New Admin : Copy to clipboard now supports utf8 for Domain / Activity.
New Server : $USR_NTHOMEDIR which is replaced by the windows account home directory.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.9.0.2 - 05/Feb/2007

Fixed Admin : Extended properties could not be assigned an empty string.
Fixed Server : $USR_FILENAME_83 was always returning an empty string.
Fixed Server : Failed logins counter not updated under Account / Statistics.
Fixed Trayicon : Stop/Start service problem with Windows Vista.
Fixed g6_script_js_vb.dll : Scripts with hook functions could raise access violations and freeze the FTP server.

Changed/Improved Server : Updated HELP supported commands.
Changed/Improved Server : Impersonated users may not be able to access SSL certificates to establish a secure connection. Certificates are now read with the FTP Server process rights.
Changed/Improved Server : Uploaded files that are in the free files list do not increase ratio credits anymore.
Changed/Improved Server : Access rights pointing to a file would prevent the deletion of the target file even if delete right was granted.
Changed/Improved Server : Disabled FastMM option which forced MMX commands set usage even if MMX is not available on the CPU to allow compatibility with older CPU like Pentium Pro.
Changed/Improved Server : Increased max values for FTP Server / Options / Socket buffer size (send and receive).
Changed/Improved g6_auth_nt.dll : Custom defined groups have priority on the three default groups.
Changed/Improved libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll : Updated OpenSSL dll to 0.9.8d.

New Server : Added a new function to delete properties values : IProperties.DeleteValue(name)
New Server : Added an option to prevent other processes to access a file being downloaded or uploaded (see Domain / Miscellaneous options).
New Server : Slashes and back slashes are now allowed in domain, user and group names if settings are stored in a database.
New Server : Added a plugin to log to a syslog daemon (see domain / logs options).

Gene6 FTP Server v3.8.0.34 - 04/May/2006

Information Note : This version includes a vulnerability fix, it is highly recommended to update your version!
Information Note : Administration tool v3.8 can not administer previous server versions, update both server and admin.

Fixed Server : MDTM command path parameter was not UTF8 decoded which would prevent files with non ASCII characters from having date modified (file not found error).
Fixed Server : Potential lock problem during ratio calculation.
Fixed Server : SITE commands launched applications raised an exception when client was closed because of timeout or kicked by admin.
Fixed Server : OTP/MD5 : OTP counter not updating at user level when password type is set at class level.
Fixed Server : Banned files and free files options accept filenames without paths as filter.
Fixed Server : CCC commands prevented secure file transfers.
Fixed Server : Ratio of 0/1 for "count files per session" and "count files all sessions" was always increasing the ratio by 1 when a file was uploaded.
Fixed Server : Commands processing vulnerability reported on the forum :
Fixed g6_auth_nt.dll : Increased authentication buffer to solve problems with users members of different groups.

Changed/Improved Server : Disabled commands : made "CMD" = "CMD*" for commands expecting parameters.
Changed/Improved Server : Server is now replying "550 CWD failed. No permission." if the NTFS rights do not allow access to the directory instead of displaying an empty folder.
Changed/Improved g6_fs_ftp.dll : Changed behavior to allow pointing to hidden folders on target host.
Changed/Improved g6_auth_db.dll : DB connection is now opened then closed after every authentication.

New Server : Added events OnFileDownloadTransferLimitReached and OnFileUploadTransferLimitReached
New Server : Added MFCT/MFMT commands to modify file creation time and file modification time.
New Admin : Remaining time is now displayed as a hint for the progress bar in the domain activity page when client is downloading.
New Admin : Site Commands and events can be enabled/disabled with a checkbox.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.7.0.24 - 01/Dec/2005

Fixed Server : MLST <filename> returning "File not found" but file exists.
Fixed Server : User class password not applied at user account level.
Fixed Server : LIST and NLST commands now reply "521 Data connection cannot be opened with this security level." if the client is using a clear data channel and the folder is set as secure instead of sending an empty list.
Fixed Server : "Disable Mode Z for LAN" option was disabling mode Z for everybody instead of only clients on the local area network.
Fixed Server : "Sub directory" right is incorrectly inherited from parent access right when applied right has it disabled.
Fixed Server : SIZE command parameter was not decoded when client is in UTF8.
Fixed Server : SITE commands may not be executed with the client NT rights when impersonation is enabled.
Fixed Server : SHA1 password hashes were incorrect.
Fixed Server : Locales settings used by the server are now taken from the user default language id (lcid) instead of system default language id.
Fixed Server : Clients that do not establish SSL connection when connecting on SSL ports are now disconnected.
Fixed Server : The event "OnEveryDay" was triggered at midnight GMT and not at midnight on the computer.
Fixed Server : Backslashes in LIST parameters are replaced by slashes so "LIST \temp\*.txt" is now equal to "LIST /temp/*.txt" and will list *.txt files in "temp" subfolder properly.
Fixed Manual : The manual was documenting Domain.WriteLog() function as Domain.WriteToLog().
Fixed Tray icon : Icon is now refreshed only if it changes.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : A function was not using unicode and could prevent files with specific unicode characters from being downloaded.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : If the connection is lost while uploading a file, an access violation could be raised.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : SSL handshake was done too early and was hanging with some ftp servers.
Fixed libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll : Updated OpenSSL dll to 0.9.8a due to a potential vulnerability risk :

Changed/Improved Admin : "SITE PSWD" parameters are now hidden in "Last command" column of the domain activity list.
Changed/Improved Admin : Focus set on the edit box for Free files, IP Access, Banned files windows.
Changed/Improved Server : The reply of the STAT command can be changed by assigning a new value to domain message "msgStat".
Changed/Improved Server : XCRC and XMD5 commands now reset the client inactivity timer.
Changed/Improved Server : SSLv2 is not allowed anymore.
Changed/Improved Server : ODBC connections should be reopened faster after a connection loss.
Changed/Improved Server : LIST command parameter now default to "-a" to list files starting with a dot. Disabling '-a' parameter in "Exluded list options" will again prevent listing those files.
Changed/Improved g6_compression_zlib.dll : Zlib updated to version 1.2.3.
Changed/Improved g6_script_js_vb.dll : Tools.FormatSize() accepts a new parameter to specify the number of digits after the decimal.
Changed/Improved g6_script_js_vb.dll : Script error log is now always visible.

New Admin : Administrators can now always use empty://.
New Server : Scripts tags are now parsed in SITE commands.
New Server : Added a new event "OnClientAuthenticated" that is triggered after a client sends a valid login/password.
New Server : Added "XSHA1" command to compute SHA1 hashes of files.
New Server : Parameters are now supported for disabled commands.
New Server : Chained SSL certificates can now be provided to the ftp client with intermediate certificates (append the supplied intermediate cert to provided CA .crt file).
New g6_auth_db.dll : For users authenticated against a DB, columns of the SQL query can now be retrieved with the tag $DB(column). Ex: $DB(account), $DB(login).
New g6_auth_nt.dll : Users that are members of the Power users group will now use the "PowerUser" account.
New g6_fs_ftp.dll : Added explicit SSL available via ftpse://.
New g6_script_js_vb.dll : Client.Send() accepts a new parameter to process tags in the message sent.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.6.0.23 - 18/Jul/2005

Fixed Admin : Progress bar in domain activity may not be displayed properly if a column is hidden.
Fixed Admin : In access rights, paths consisting of only a drive letter were not checked for existence.
Fixed Admin : An access violation could be raised when closing a window with the tag completion box open.
Fixed Admin : Windows may not be placed properly when using multiple screens.
Fixed Admin : Sort icon in listview may not be displayed on the right column.
Fixed Admin : Domain context menu should not appear when connected as a normal administrator (no action can be made anyway).
Fixed Server : Server was not using "root folder" value from the user class for users attached to a user class.
Fixed Server : Transfered files could not be deleted in event OnFileDownloaded and OnFileUploaded.
Fixed Server : Possible internal error caused by an uninitialized variable when the log filename rotates.
Fixed Server : SITE PSWD "old pass" "new pass" not working correctly with quotes for passwords containing space char.
Fixed g6_compression.dll : Zlib library updated to fix a potential memory buffer overflow (
Fixed g6_log_custom.dll : Commands may not be logged properly when a client is in UTF8 and non UTF8 characters are sent.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : An ftp:// resource may not be listed in its parent directory if a remote path is specified.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : An exception was written to the error log if the remote ftp server could not be reached.

Changed/Improved Admin : User is now prompted for login and password if login is missing or password is not saved.
Changed/Improved Server : MLSD/MLST commands now add the "size" fact for folders with a size different than 0.
Changed/Improved Server : FXP is now disabled by default at account creation.
Changed/Improved OpenSSL libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll updated to version 0.9.8.

New Admin : Warning message displayed when trying to delete or rename current administration account.
New Admin : Added a new column "Connection time" in domain activity.
New Server : Added "OnClientLoginFailed" event.
New Server : Added CCC command.
New Server : Added CPSV command.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.5.0.10 - 04/Apr/2005

Fixed Admin : Domain activity status bar may not display accurate information when multiple users are connected.
Fixed Admin : DOM_FDOWNLOADED hint in tag completion form was not properly displayed.
Fixed Admin : An access violation was raised if the first column width of a listview was set to 0.
Fixed Server : Uploaded files that matched the list of free files were not added in ratio credits.
Fixed Server : User account files manually removed were not removed from user list and were still displayed in admin client.
Fixed Server : Server may not retrieve all available IP addresses when there are multiple network cards.
Fixed Server : Event commands were logged even if the client IP address was filtered out in IP logging option.
Fixed Server : Incorrect error reply to EPRT command with invalid parameters.
Fixed Server : DDE messages could hang when "allow service to interact with desktop" option in service properties is enabled.
Fixed Server : Fixed access violation with Data Execution Prevention and compatible CPU (Intel XD, AMD NX).
Fixed Server : Using any of the "wait for clients" option when stopping a domain could prevent the administrator from re-opening the domain.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll :
- Specifying a path when using a ftp:// resource did not work properly.
- First slash sent to remote ftp server could be doubled.
- CJK characters in paths displayed in log may not be displayed properly.

Changed/Improved Admin : Only supported script extensions are now listed in domain/user/group script lists.
Changed/Improved Installer : Grant all access to localhost is now unchecked by default.
Changed/Improved Installer : Administration is now bound to (must be edited for remote administration).
Changed/Improved Server : Anti-hammer could lower the blocktime of an IP address that was manually entered in the temporary ban list.
Changed/Improved Server : Reduced default idle timeout to 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
Changed/Improved OpenSSL libeay32.dll, libssl32.dll updated to version 0.9.7f.

New Admin : Checkbox to save password when prompted for administrator password.
New Admin : Checkbox to ban permanently an IP address.
New Admin : Added an option to change the service priority in FTP Server / Properties.
New Admin : New icons when domains are closed or offline.
New Installer : Added administrator account creation page.
New Server : Added tag $USR_RATIO which displays $USR_RATIOUP:$USR_RATIODOWN or "Unlimited" if ratio is disabled.
New Server : Added support for salted MD5 passwords (g6_pswd_salted_md5.dll) and SHA1 passwords (g6_pswd_sha1.dll).
New Server : Added an option to disable transfer compression with Mode Z for local network.
New Server : Parameters are now supported by STAT command.
New Server : Added EPRT and EPSV to FEAT reply.
New Server : Uploads are now buffered to write larger data blocks to disk.
New Server : Added tags $USR_OLDFILE, $USR_OLDFILEPATH & $USR_OLDFILENAME to use in event OnFileRenamed.
New g6_script_js_vb.dll : Added Tools.SHA1File() and Tools.SHA1Str() functions to compute SHA1 hashes.

Information Languages.sib updated.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.4.0.16 - 24/Jan/2005

Fixed Admin : Listview could not be sorted if some columns were hidden.
Fixed Admin : Renaming a domain to a domain name that already exists duplicated the domain in the listview.
Fixed Server : The client could be asked to establish a secure connection before being able to login if a previous client failed to log on an account that requires SSL.
Fixed Server : APPEND command did not return the good restart position in the server reply and ratio credits were not increased.
Fixed Server : OnClientTimeout was not triggered when a client timed out.

Changed/Improved Admin : Removed '@' character from generated passwords.
Changed/Improved Server : Logs are now saved in UTF8.
Changed/Improved Server : Executed site commands now also redirect stderr when "redirect application output to client" is checked.
Changed/Improved Server : Folders with delete access are now also added when computing quota usage on login.
Changed/Improved Server : Redirect wrong login now also redirects banned ip, invalid home directory, expired account, disabled account.

New Admin : Added more warnings when creating or copying a user/group/domain/certificate with a name that already exists.
New Admin : When creating a new user/group/domain/certificate, the wizard now set a non-existent name by default.
New Admin : When stopping a domain that has clients connected, you now have the choice between disconnecting the clients immediately, waiting for clients to disconnect and waiting for clients to end their transfer before the domain is stopped.
New Admin : Server icons change to show if the client is connected to the server.
New Admin : An arrow is drawn in listview headers when the listview can be sorted.
New Admin : Added a tag completion form displayed when adding a tag beginning with '$' in domain replies, events and site commands. It can also be displayed by using CTRL+SPACE.
New Admin : Added a column with a progress bar in activity listview to display clients downloads in progress.
New Server : Added support for virtual domains, they can be reached with the USER command : USER
New g6_script_js_vb.dll :
- Added Script.Timeout to get/set the script timeout
- Added Script.Include(script) to include a script
- Added Script.FileName to get the script filename

Information Languages.sib updated : TStopDomainForm, TSettingsDomainForm, TDataModule1.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.3.1.44 - 15/Dec/2004

Fixed Admin : Pressing insert key on any page in account window would display the add path box.
Fixed Admin : EInvalidOperation error displayed when creating a new domain and unchecking anonymous account creation.
Fixed Server : File action would be denied if subdir option wasn't checked.
Fixed Server : "Explicit SSL only" may not enforce the use of SSL when an external authentication method is defined.
Fixed Server : ODBC link is restored when the database connection is closed or lost.
Fixed Server : Fixed access violation when "calculate quota use on login" option is enabled and a folder can't be listed.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : An access violation occured when listing a folder mapped to an unreachable ftp server.
Fixed g6_script_js_vb.dll : An exception was raised if HookStoreFinished() was declared in a script but not HookRetrieveFinished().

Changed/Improved Admin : Automatically scroll to the end of the history list in domains/infos/history.
Changed/Improved Admin : Double clicking on the tray icon application now properly displays the admin client if already running.
Changed/Improved Server : Changed error code "421" to "530" for "PASS" command.
Changed/Improved Server : "Deny" access right no longer hides the path as well, you will need to check "Hide" right.
Changed/Improved Server : Tag $DOM_MAXUSERS now displays "Unlimited" instead of "0".

New Admin : A warning message box is displayed when trying to put online more domains than the licence allows to.
New Admin : Added two new columns in user list : Credit and Quota
New Admin : Added *.bat filter when browsing for an application in event list.
New Server : Added "Don't limit transfer for LAN" option
New Server : Added msgHelp to customize the reply of HELP command
New g6_auth_db.dll : Added tags for auth_db.dll plugin : $LOGIN, $PASSWORD, $PASSWORDMD5, $QLOGIN (login with quotes doubled) and $QPASSWORD (password with quotes doubled)
New g6_script_js_vb.dll :
- Added properties Domain.Clientcount, Domain.Downloadcount and Domain.Uploadcount
- Added Client.Post(Message, ReplaceTags, Append) function to post messages before or after the next server reply.

Information Languages.sib : minor updates concerning max. domains warning message, new columns, new options.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.3.0.30 - 22/Nov/2004

Fixed Admin : "Downloads" panel text wasn't drawn in activity window.
Fixed Admin : Invalid value for "Enabled" property in account settings would not return the user in the account list.
Fixed Server : Client.kick() wasn't disconnecting the client.
Fixed Server : Event OnLogFileRotated could freeze the FTP server.
Fixed Server : Transfer limit set to reset hourly didn't work.
Fixed Server : User transfer limit wasn't reset when specified at class level.
Fixed Server : The service didn't close when the computer was shutdown or restarted.
Fixed Server : An exception was raised when kicking a user transferring a file in SSL.
Fixed g6_auth_nt.dll : NT authentication fails when the FTP Server runs on a domain.
Fixed g6_script_js_vb.dll : A memory leak when a syntax or runtime error is raised has been fixed.
Fixed g6_fs_ftp.dll : ftps:// was waiting for the welcome message before establishing SSL encrypted session.

Changed/Improved Admin : Improved speed when managing a hundred of domains.
Changed/Improved Server : Decreased CPU usage when a lot of domains are running.
Changed/Improved Server : Script naming convention for SITE commands is now : "OnSite"+<command in lowercase> to solve problems with case sensitive script engines (eg: SITE TEsT = OnSitetest(), SITE Hello = OnSitehello() ...).
Changed/Improved Server : Inifiles settings are now read using the security context of the server process instead of the client security context (if impersonated) which could prevent read access to \accounts folder because of NTFS restrictions.
Changed/Improved Server : Banned files were checked when renaming directories.
Changed/Improved Server : OnFileDeleted was triggered when a file was renamed to the same name.
Changed/Improved Server : NOOP command is now accepted during a transfer.
Changed/Improved g6_auth_db.dll, g6_auth_nt.dll : better debug error messages.

New Admin : Clients commands/answers can now be spied per user in domain activity window.
New Admin : Scripts are listed recursively and displayed by folders.
New Admin : Better customization of listviews : Server, History, Activity, Domain and Accounts listviews columns can now be moved/added/removed, positions are saved. New columns are available.
New Admin : Admin accounts can now be set to read only.
New Admin : Logs can now be cleared.
New Admin : An alert is displayed when trying to create an administrator or a certificate with a name that is already used.
New Server : IP Access list now supports CIDR (e.g.
New Server : Tags are now processed in all FTP Server messages.
New Server : New tag : $USR_CLNT returns what the FTP Client sent as parameter to CLNT command.
New Server : New event : OnDirListed is triggered when a user has listed a directory.
New g6_script_js_vb.dll :
- Hook function to catch unprocessed tags in scripts.
- Added Tools.CRCFile(Filename) function
- Added Tools.CRCStr(String) function
- Added Tools.Sleep(Msec) function
- Added Client.CLNT property

Information Languages.sib updated for new columns and options.
Information Updated SSL dll to OpenSSL 0.9.7e

Gene6 FTP Server v3.2.0.72 - 20/Sep/2004

Information Standard license now allows 2 domains to be online (instead of 1) and 25 concurrent connections per domain. For instance, this will allow the setup of a separate test domain.
Information ODBC support introduced. For testing, see :
Information Translation (Languages.sib) :
- added forms TCompressionLevelsForm, TCompressionLevelsFrame, TIPLoggingListForm, TIPLoggingListFrame
- changes in TSettingsDomainForm, TDataModule1

Fixed Admin : The first line in Transfer log disappeared after a refresh.
Fixed Admin : An exception could be raised when banning an IP address from History.
Fixed Admin : Fixed menu display problem when font is too big.
Fixed Admin : Default log could be displayed twice when editing the domain while viewing the log.
Fixed Admin : Fixed access violation raised on users/groups/admin users/activity treelistview when pressing left or right arrow and no item is selected or focused.
Fixed Server : OnEveryHour and OnEveryDay were triggered every second during a minute instead of being triggered once.
Fixed Server : Calculate quota was not returning current quota correctly if more than one entry in the access rights.
Fixed Server : Restart position was not always reset to 0 when a RETR or STOR fails.
Fixed Server : g6_script_js_vb :
- Client object missing the properties : PeerIP, PeerPort, LocalIP, LocalPort, HostName, IP and Port as documented in help.
- Functions OnEveryDay and OnEveryHour may not be called.
- Client.Send now sends the message in UTF8 if client is in UTF8
Fixed Server : Process WM_ENDSESSION message when "Interact with desktop" property is checked in service, to not abort Windows logoff/reboot.
Fixed Server : Groups were not loaded when needed for users using groups when using ODBC storage.
Fixed Server : Renaming a domain would not update the domain rights of the administrator.
Fixed Server : Timeout not applied when client blocks on a SSL operation.
Fixed Server : SSCN is considered to be OFF when client lists a folder : LIST/NLST/MLSD.
Fixed Server : A memory leak has been localized in events when application is executed.
Fixed Server : Incorrect reply for LIST/NLST/MLSD/MLST when file/directory does not exist. The server now replies "550 File or directory not found"

Changed/Improved Admin : The domains list is now refreshed after a domain is edited.
Changed/Improved Admin : Redirect PASV IP is now trimmed to avoid trailing space.
Changed/Improved Admin : Improved browser speed when listing folders with lots of files.
Changed/Improved Admin : You can now select admins/users/groups by typing their name when the listview is focused.
Changed/Improved Admin : Status bar in domain activity now displays the number of seconds the user has been idling and the filename he is transferring.
Changed/Improved Server : Account returned by authentication plugins are now trimmed() to remove trailing spaces.
Changed/Improved Server : Relative message files (pathless) can be used with Merge://, ftp:// and other files resources.
Changed/Improved Server : Message file supports UTF8, UTF16 Big endian and UTF16 Little endian encodings.
Changed/Improved Server : UTF8 marker at the beginning of .ini files are skipped.
Changed/Improved Server : g6_auth_nt.dll : Changed LOGON32_LOGON_NETWORK to LOGON32_LOGON_INTERACTIVE when impersonating user so that encrypted files can be read/written.
Changed/Improved Server : Errors occuring in scripts for SITE Commands are no more displayed to the client.
Changed/Improved Trayicon : Active state icon has been changed to a user icon to be more noticeable.
Changed/Improved Trayicon : Menus/hint available in French and English (depending on installation language).

New Admin : Properties page is open when a new Class is created.
New Admin : Other rights are now grayed when "Deny" is checked.
New Server : Added alias "XCWD" for "CWD" command.
New Server : MODE Z : Compression level can now be defined by filenames or file mask.
New Server : IP Logging : You can define IP addresses to log or not.
New Server : IP Access : Entries between parenthesis like ( will be resolved to their IP addresses when access is checked.
New Server : Recognize "A N" parameters for TYPE command.
New Server : Added event OnScriptError called when an error occurs in a script
New Server : g6_script_js_vb :
- A log will be created in "FTP Server/Logs & reports" when an error occurs in a script.
- Function calls to be able to change the server behavior when a client tries to change a directory, store, retrieve, rename/move, delete or make a directory (see manual / scripts / advanced).
- Function "Post" for Client object to return a message to the client (the "Post" message will be formatted by the server and prepended to the next server reply. Use "Client.Post" instead of "Client.Send" to respect status message format).
- Added Client.kick(), Client.AccountName, Client.Uploaded, Client.Downloaded, Client.Speed, Client.Speed_In, Client.Speed_Out
New Server : New tags :
- $DOM_DOWNLOADS, $DOM_UPLOADS which display the number of current downloads or uploads.
- $DOM_SPEEDIN[BYTE|KB|MB|GB], $DOM_SPEEDOUT[BYTE|KB|MB|GB] which display the current domain speed in download or upload.
- $SYS_FREESPACE(path), $SYS_FREESPACEBYTE(path), $SYS_FREESPACEKB(path), $SYS_FREESPACEMB(path) and $SYS_FREESPACEGB(path), e.g. $SYS_FREESPACE(c:) will display free space on c:\
New Installer : Check that value entered is a number and between 1-65535 for the remote administration port.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.1.0.70 - 21/Jun/2004

Fixed Server : Hostname may not be checked in IP Access list if client hostname is unavailable.
Fixed Server : Authentication : prefix option not applied to account name.
Fixed Server : Authentication against DB : Use simple quotes for SQL queries instead of double quotes.
Fixed Server : LIST/NLST did not display the content of the folder passed in parameter if it was a folder.
Fixed Server : LIST/NLST displayed GMT file time and not local file time.
Fixed Server : RNFR/RNTO would not rename/move a file between 2 virtual folders.
Fixed Server : g6_log_custom.dll would cause an access violation to be reported in the server if File log is enabled and filename is empty.
Fixed Server : COM objects was not detecting Variant arguments from ASP script as strings.
Fixed Server : Uploading a file farther than its size locked the file requiring a server restart to release it.
Fixed Server : Session timeout not checked during AUTH negociation.
Fixed Server : Downloading a file without enough credits locked the file requiring a server restart to release it.
Fixed Admin : IPs and [::] won't be striken out anymore in IP bindings.
Fixed Admin : Activity/View log option was not always saved for each server.
Fixed Admin : New password was not set when copying an admin user.
Fixed Admin : An error could be raised when displaying admin users in Administration/users when there is no user defined.
Fixed Admin : The main menu could not be accessed after changing the interface language.

Changed/Improved Server : COMPRESSION feat changed to MODE Z (see :
Changed/Improved Server : "SITE PSWD oldpass newpass" will now be seen as "SITE PSWD **** ****" in logs.
Changed/Improved Server : g6_auth_nt.dll and g6_pswd_nt.dll do not require the interactive privilege anymore.
Changed/Improved Server : Required AUTH message is more informative when account must be used with a secured connection.
Changed/Improved Server : Time of day access : a range 00:00:00 -> 23:59:59 will not disconnect users if next day is open at 00:00:00.
Changed/Improved Admin : "Impersonate" option moved from "User / Advanced" to "User / Password"; option is displayed when "Authenticate against NT database" is selected.
Changed/Improved Admin : Autorefresh is automatically disabled if text is being selected or vertical scrollbar is not at the bottom of the page, then re-enabled automatically.
Changed/Improved Admin : Log display keeps records of received lines to not refresh when it is not needed and to only receive new lines.
Changed/Improved Installer : current languages.sib is moved to \backup at install to prevent using outdated language.
Changed/Improved Installer : languages.sib is now only installed if selected language is French. This should prevent problems with some languages when using English from the .sib file.

New Server : SSCN command to support SSL server to server transfers.
New Server : Added OnEvery05Minutes event.
New Server : Verbose information in log about NT authentication status.
New Server : g6_fs_ftp.dll : Support for implicit SSL via ftps://user:pass@ip:port/.
New Server : Added "Only redirect PASV IP for secure connection" option to deal with routers modifying PASV parameters when they should not.
New Admin : "Impersonate" option added in "NT user database" authentication setup.
New Admin : Font and colours can now be changed for logs (see Options in Administrator client).
New Admin : Compression level (when using MODE Z) can be setup in Domain / Transfer speed settings for Lists and Downloads separately.
New Admin : Added a warning when setting up a simple administrator with an empty Base folder.
New Admin : Autorefresh for History page.

Information Languages.sib updated for MODE Z settings and Admin / Option new settings.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.0.2.39 - 17/May/2004

Fixed Server : Renaming a user class will change the ParentClass property of accounts attached to this class.
Fixed Server : MBCS problem with access rights check.
Fixed Server : Login error delay was set to be always at least 10 seconds (accepted values are now 0s to 60s).
Fixed Admin : XP menu visual bugs.
Fixed Admin : Problem with list index in renaming the selected item in user/group.
Fixed Admin : An exception could be raised when selecting the server list in the TreeView.
Fixed Installer : Folder "Help" was not created if Help component is not selected but needed for url shortcut creation.

New Server : Tag : $SRV_CLIENTCOUNT : total number of clients connected.
New Server : Workaround to prevent IE from using UTF8 (broken in IE), clients will have to send "CLNT" before using UTF8.
New Server : Dependence to RPCSs in service properties.
New Admin : Last opened path is now saved and restored.
New Admin : Logs can be embedded in Activity window (Activity / View log).

Changed/Improved Server : Disconnected user does not appear in $DOM_WHO anymore.

Information Languages.sib updated for missing properties.

Gene6 FTP Server v3.0.1.45 - 07/May/2004

Fixed Admin : when editing a user from a class that has groups defined, clicking OK would incorrectly change the 'groups' property of the user account.
Fixed (0000207) Admin : An exception could occur when deleting servers/domains in the left treeview with the popup menu.
Fixed Admin : menu item 'Actions' was not translated.
Fixed Server : could not use the account tags when user logs on (ie. tags like $USR_CLASS, $USR_ACCOUNT ... in access rights were not replaced).
Fixed Could not delete users and groups using unicode characters not supported by your local charset.
Fixed Admin/Server : fixed several issues with the use of MBCS.
Fixed (0000212) Admin : change 'KBytes' to 'files' when ratio method is set to files so credits are not multiplied by 1024 when displayed on user's side.
Fixed Server : Transfer Limit was applied for download and upload if download limit was enabled.
Fixed Server : Memory leak when using Merge://
Fixed (0000213) Admin : Some times column headers are not shown in ListViews (activity, user list, group list, etc..)
Fixed Admin : Option "use the same schedule every day" in Time of day access may not be checked even if the same schedule is used every day.
Fixed Server : using schedules like '15h00-10h00' in time of day access didn't work.
Fixed Server : Option "Redirect wrong login" didn't check the password of the redirected account.

New Admin : "Import Domain" now also imports banned IP list.
New Admin : added 64KB for Speed Limits in user settings.
New New tags :
$DOM_WHO: list of users connected to the domain

Changed/Improved Admin/Server : Manual changes through interface in server/domains/users/groups are now saved immediately instead of waiting 30 seconds (cache).
Changed/Improved $USR_RATIOUP, $USR_RATIODOWN & $USR_RATIOCOUNTMETHOD returns 'None' if ratio is disabled.
Changed/Improved SIZE command now returns 'Not found', instead of 0 for directories.
Changed/Improved g6_fs_ftp.dll now uses SIZE command to check if a file exists, then LIST command if SIZE command is not supported by the remote FTP server.
Changed/Improved Admin : simple administrators are no more allowed to view domain properties.
Changed/Improved Admin : Access rights list is sorted so that entries without virtual path are at the end.

Information Languages.sib updated :
- Various extended added.
- TBannedFilesForm.Label3 -> TBannedFilesForm.Label_FileMask
- TDomainLogForm.Label_Security -> TDomainLogForm.Label_LogType
- TBanIPForm.CB_Reason -> TBanIPForm.ComboBox_Reason
- TSettingsAdminForm.Edit_LogFile -> TSettingsAdminForm.ComboBox_LogFile

Gene6 FTP Server v3.0.0.34 - 26/Apr/2004

Information New major version, changes are described below

Main :
- Completely rewritten and redesigned software
- Native system service
- Remote administration over secure connection
- Intuitive interface which can be localized
- IPv6 ready

Security :
- Secure FTP (SSL) support (implicit / explicit)
- SSL certificates management
- NT authentication (use of windows password)
- One Time Password S/Key (MD5)
- Administrative accounts (admin, super admin)
- Maximum connections limitation (IP, domain, user)
- IP based access
- File types/size restriction

Usage :
- Unlimited virtual domains, user, class & group accounts, alias
- Activity, traffic monitoring
- Virtual directories (UTF-8 support, ftp://, merge:// ...)
- Custom commands and messages definition
- Time of day access
- Accounts expiration
- Events manager
- Built in integrity check commands (XCRC, XMD5)
- Detailed and customizable logging/graph per domain/server
- Bandwidth management (min/max, upload/download, entire server, domain, user)
- Multi-IP/port independant domains
- History of transfers
- Available in two versions

Developer :
- COM objects
- Scripts (VB, JS), plugins

Addons :
- Web administration

More information :
Contact :

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