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Download a fully functional 30 days evaluation to try Gene6 FTP Server before purchasing.
Your license and settings will be kept when updating to a newer version or registering your license.


See Installation of Gene6 FTP Server if you need some help installing the application.


To update your current 3.x version, please download the evaluation version from the link above to a temporary folder, then install the new version over your current installation.

Warning! Before executing the setup, quit the tray icon monitoring tool and the administration client.

Quit the tray icon

Language files

You can download the language file to use in the server administration client (English & French are included by default in the application).

To install, unzip the languages.sib from the archive and copy it into your software installation folder, usually c:\program files\gene6 ftp server.

languages.sib usage

Starting a new translation

If you want to start a new translation that has not been yet realized, please download the following files and see readme.txt inside the archive.

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