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FTP test

How to test your ftp server from a remote location (this server has ip :

This page will help you test your ftp server by connecting to it and trying to list with passive mode.

  • Enter the ftp server ip in the IP/Hostname field or use the filled ip if you are testing from the server itself.
  • Enter the port your ftp server is running on (default is 21).
  • Enter the login of the account you would like to test.
  • Enter the password of this account.
  • Select passive mode type : EPSV, PASV.
  • Select connection type to test : Regular, SSL Explicite, SSL Implicite

Press Test the FTP Server and wait for results.

You can test as much as you want, you can also refer to the online FAQ to fix problems you are encountering while testings.

IP/Hostname (no ftp://)
Port (21)
Passive mode PASV  EPSV
Connection typeRegular  SSL Explicit  SSL Implicit

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