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Gene6 FTP Server has been developed for demanding business and corporate use. With SSL support it can be used to transfer important files over internet with security like medical information and sensitive data.

Strong security and high performances are the heart of Gene6 FTP Server which is already powering thousands of servers worldwide in home, small, medium or fortune 500 companies.


  • Intuitive interface which can be localized
    Currently available in French and English.
  • NT authentication (use of windows password)
    Use already defined Windows accounts.
  • One Time Password S/Key (MD5)
    Do not submit your password in clear over internet connection.
  • IP based access
    Choose who can and who cannot connect to your server (user account or server level).
  • Maximum connections limitation (IP, domain, user)
    Manage your network and system resources efficiently.
  • Custom commands and messages definition
    Expand available commands and messages in your FTP server and customize it to your needs.
  • Unlimited Accounts
    Create as many accounts as you need.
  • Accounts expiration
    Do not let old accounts be available forever, just set them an expiration date.
  • 'Kick User' and 'Stop Transfer'
    You are the boss on your server!
  • Live administration
    No need to restart the whole server to apply changes, adjust any settings you want to be changed at runtime.
  • Virtual domains
    With only 1 IP you can serve many domains.
  • Events manager
    React on file upload (want to check files for virus ? send an e-mail when a file is uploaded ?), file download ...).
  • Time of day access
    Schedule your bandwidth usage per day or week.
  • Ratio, disk quota system
    Give when someone gives you.
  • MDTM Support
    Your users can change the date-time stamp of files.
  • File types/size restriction
    Restrict kinds of files hosted on your server and their size.
  • Built in integrity check commands (CRC, MD5)
    Be assured files were transferred without problems.
  • Upload/Download resuming
    Do not let a connection problem waste your time, just resume your transfer instead of restarting from zero.
  • Detailed and customizable logging per domain
    Review logs and know what parts of your server users are interested in.
  • System service
    Starting with Windows, it does not require user's intervention.
  • COM Objet
    You can interact with the server properties from your application to add, modify settings such as domains or user accounts.
  • On the fly compression
    Implementation of MODE Z permits bandwidth gain and as a consequence a speed gain.


Gene6 FTP Server is available in two editions : standard and professionnal which are both based on the same features set.

The standard version is aimed at home users and small/medium companies, it is limited to 2 domains and 25 concurrent connections.

The professional version has no domain or connections limit.

For more information, see : pricing standard/professional


  • Operating System : Windows 2000 (all versions), Windows XP (home/pro), Windows 2003 Server 32&64bits (all versions), Windows 2008 x86 32&64bits (all versions).
  • Processor : Intel, AMD processor (PII 400mhz recommended).
  • Memory : Minimum 64MB system memory (128mb recommended based on the OS used).
  • Disk space : Minimum 15MB free disk space (for product and work files).
  • Internet connection : modem (28.8k), cable, adsl or better (dsl/cable recommended).
  • Network : Microsoft's 32-bit TCP/IP networking component. Winsock 2.0. (Ethernet 10/100/1000)

Control panels

Gene6 FTP Server is supported by the following hosting control panels.

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