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Remote administration

As you are not always able to administer your server from the machine itself, Gene6 FTP Server can be remotely and securely administrated. The administration client is exactly the same you use when you setup your server locally.

See more information : Administering a remote server


HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, applies to the health care industry and ensures the privacy of personal health information.

HIPAA requires that all content exchanged between corporate intranets remain crypted over the internet which is what Gene6 FTP Server is achieving using 128 bits SSL encryption. The files are transferred and delivered securely over the internet.

See more information : SSL setup

Virtual directories

Whether you want to share local files, merge folders or link to another ftp server, you can create the folders structure you wish with Gene6 FTP Server.

The virtual file system supports :

  • ftp:// - you can mount a ftp folder into the folder structure
  • merge:// - you can merge the content of multiple folders into a signle folder
  • empty:// - which will simulate an empty folder from where you would start adding sub folders

See more information : Virtual file system


By default, Gene6 FTP Server uses its own accounts files to store server information but you can decide to store all information into a database like MySQL to directly modify accounts and settings from a script.

Please see : ODBC storage


Multiple code pages for multiple languages causes a problem when you try to use them all at the same time because each charset can only be applied separately.

To solve this problem, UTF-8 extends the size of the code page to support all of them and provide the conversion table.
Gene6 FTP Server is UTF-8 compliant and can treat filenames as UTF-8 enabled to work on file.
Note that you also need a UTF-8 compliant ftp client to benefit from this feature.

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