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Vendredi 22 mars - 11:40:46 - Version du logiciel :


Voici un petit extrait des sociétés qui font confiance à notre logiciel et l'utilisent pour partager leurs fichiers en FTP.






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Commentaires utilisateurs

"I am currently using G6 mostly as a 'Home user'. In the last couple of years, however, I mostly used it for transferring documents and files from my home PC to my work PC and vice versa. Not only is it important to have access to files on standard servers at your University or Institute, but also the ability to access them at home. At the same time I wanted to share some of these files with friends and colleagues. G6 FTP Server was recommended to me by friends and I quickly learned to love its easy-to-use, intuitive interface and the overall exceptional list of features that come with a comparatively small installation package at a low price. I have tried several other ftp servers before I bought G6 but nothing beats G6's simple but highly configurable user or group setup and virtual directory settings. I used it for several years now to separate work-related usage from exchanging information and files with friends. It is very easy to setup user groups with specific permissions to directories or files and powerful as to what users can see on the server. Remote Administration makes it a perfect FTP server for both Home user as well as the Professional who needs to share research documents with colleagues. It is a rock-solid server solution and only goes down when your PC goes down."

H. Körner
Research Scientist (Materials Science)
Dayton, Ohio 2004

"I've always enjoyed using this server, and it is the only piece of software that "sold me" on its functionality within 10 minutes of use; that's how long it took me to decide to purchase a license when i did in the first place, 10 minutes. I've used other FTP server software in the past... and nothing compared with your server daemon."

Ron McConnell

"Feel free to offer UXB Internet and the website as a reference for your product. I can recommend it over any of the others I tested and discarded. It has been the only FTP server to be this stable under such a relatively high continuous load."

Dennis Powers
UXB Internet

"I write to say thank you for such a superb product. We implimented a Remote Backup Service using your Server product 3 months ago and we have had 100% uptime. We have installed it on a 2 node Windows Cluster (Active/Active) with 32 Terabytes storage with 155Mb Bandwidth available to our customers. We are planning to open new data centre in October so we will certainly be back to you for another set of 10 licences. We would be very happy for you to mention us in your list of reference sites.

Kevin M Plunkett
Chief Operating Officer, nSure

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