1 - Installing the software

To install G6FTP Server on your server, download the archive from the website and launch it.
Note that you will need administrator access rights.

If you are getting an error stating that a copy of G6FTP Server is already running, stop the service (via start menu) and launch install again.

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Review License and Version release notes, then select destination directory.

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Choose which components to install :
- if it is a new installation then leave default options.
- if you are installing the administrator to access your server from a different computer you do not need to install the server engine and tray monitor.

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Select whether to start the Tray Monitor at startup and if you are willing to create icon and menus shortcuts.

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Installing ... If you are upgrading you will be prompted to replace some files (usually default scripts and languages file).

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Final step, the software is installed, you can now start using it.

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 2 - Content of installation

\accounts : contains your domain & accounts files.
\administrative tools : contains .bat files to start & stop the service.
\backup : if you have upgraded, this directory contains old files version (server & remote admin client).
\certificates : contains the SSL certificates created via the admin.
\help : contains help files.
\log : contains FTP server logs.
\plugins : contains plugins that are used by the server.
\remoteadmin : contains remote admin settings & SSL certificate.
\remoteadmin\log : contains remote admin log files.
\scripts : contains script files which can be used in the server.
\uninstall : uninstall software.

G6FTPAdmin.exe : the remote admin client.
G6FTPServer.exe : the server engine.
G6FTPTray.exe : the traymonitor which reports localhost server information.
languages.sib : languages files for localized version.
libeay32.dll : SSL dll.
libssl32.dll : SSL dll.
license.txt : the license file.
remoteadminserver.dll : dll used for remote administration.
version.txt : description of what changed between versions.

 3 - Uninstallation

Follow the start menu link to uninstall G6FTP Server.
You can also clean the install directory after uninstallation as new files created after installation will not be removed by the uninstaller.